I feel the need to express... to heal

Let's take this healing journey together

Get Involved

Be part of the adventure

There are a few ways to be involved and engage with me on a regular basis whether it is getting to know more about me and my creative process or learning to sing with me. I’d be happy to have you on board of anything bellow that’s calling you:

Safe Space(ship)

A community to share my work, inspiration and heart to heart conversations with special guests. I'll transport you into my little universe full of loving energy and high vibrations.


Bloom For Love Choir

Wherever you are in the world, get in the monthly zooms loop to learn choir songs with me and get invited to travel to join my choir for future concerts in Belgium, Portugal, Uk, France and more to come.


Bespoke mentoring

This mentoring is reserved for those who starve for inner exploration. I will guide you through a 6 months journey into yourself to find your voice and ultimately record your song in a professional studio.